Schools’ Theatre Productions

Schools’ Theatre Productions


Constellation specialises in touring exciting new productions of classical and modern plays as well as theatrical adaptations of novels to schools and colleges in the UAE and beyond.

The plays allow children and young people to see exciting new theatre performances of texts they are studying in school. The productions can also be accompanied by workshops to support the learning experience.

Any student taking English, Drama or Theatre Studies whether following the UK, US or any other curriculum will find that their course features a number of set play texts. These will almost certainly include a Shakespeare play or two, with typical choices including Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, Twelfth Night or Romeo and Juliet. Alongside these will be other classical and modern plays, with popular choices including Journey’s End, An Inspector Calls, The Crucible and The Importance of Being Earnest.

Whatever the play, studying the printed texts is the obvious starting point – indeed, it’s essential. There is however no substitute for experiencing the plays as they are meant to be experienced – in other words seen, rather than read; indeed many examination boards specifically advise watching a professional production.

Watching a live production makes the play, quite simply, more enjoyable. Students who may struggle with comprehension of a written text, or simply lack the desire to learn about it at all, will suddenly grasp what it is about. In addition, the plot becomes clear. The characters come to life, as does the way they relate to and interact with each other. In particular in the case of Elizabethan or Jacobean drama, the language and the historical context also become more accessible. Constellation creates professional productions of a high artistic standard that are enjoyable and relevant for students.

Not surprisingly, more pleasure and increased understanding is likely to be reflected in much higher grades and by watching a production together as a class, motivating and teaching students becomes more straightforward.


Schools’ Theatre Workshops

Constellation delivers an extensive programme of drama workshops for schools and colleges addressing a wide range of relevant examination texts for English Literature, Drama and Theatre Studies students. With over 25 years’ experience in the field, our workshop leaders are an intrinsic element of our work; we are drama workshop specialists.

Constellation delivers clear, practical schools drama workshops which aim to make students think, to fire their imagination and unlock their creativity.

Our teaching style is practical, accessible and down-to-earth. Drama workshops are conducted in a friendly, easy-going atmosphere in which everyone gets involved and contributes to the best of his or her ability.

Our Drama workshops cover examination texts that help students answer exam questions on key topics or produce top grade coursework.

We aim to complement and reinforce the work of the classroom teachers whilst introducing the students to fresh ways of approaching texts and topics.

Our Drama workshops are tailored to an individual school’s needs, so to some extent structure and content depend on what you are looking for.

A typical Drama workshop is between 1.5 to 2 hours in length for up to 25-30 students at GCSE and 18 at A-level. We have however worked with much smaller groups and larger numbers can also be accommodated by negotiation.

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